An End, a Beginning

I moved from east central Indiana (Knightstown, New Castle, Anderson) 2 years ago. In that time my life has experienced a lot of change. God brought me a girlfriend, he moved us to an awesome church, and that girlfriend became my fiancée. In the gaps of those amazing milestones have been weddings, a new niece, car accidents, weight loss, weight gain, new jobs, new friendships growing, old friendships fading, painful suffering, and incredible joy in Jesus. 
There’s a quick recap of the past two years. It has been a whirlwind at times and a snail’s pace at others.
One of the biggest milestones not listed is the desire to plant a church. Where did this come from? How did it happen? When will it happen? Questions, questions, questions.
I first became interested in church planting four or five years ago. I had been blessed by ministries that were passionate about planting new churches in the states and abroad. I also had some friends reach out to me and ask direct questions about planting a church (two were in Indy) and a couple other friends that directly asked me to join them in their church plant.
At the time, I wasn’t too excited about moving from my town and job in New Castle to plant a church in a city. It’s too much work. It’s prone to failure, and I had a great gig in my town leading worship, enjoying friendships, and growing in the Lord.
God had other plans. I moved to Lynchburg, VA to work at Liberty university as a janitor and the plan was to get settled in and finish up a college degree. Instead, God gave me a (soon to be) wife, godly relationships, and a vision for Indianapolis to turn to their God who loves them and gave His Son for them.
Living away from home changes you. It’s rough not being able to visit and enjoy your friends and family. Even with the connected world we have through social media, there are connections that suffered. There are also latent interests that are kindled into a small flame. For me, that flame was Indy.
I kept up with the news back home and have read about the changes Indy has experienced – the positive and the negative. And the slow cooker to serve that city was moved from warm to hot. And then the Lord started making some really cool things happen.
I have a friend (roommate actually) named Joe. We would always dream together about moving to a city and planting a church. He wanted to move to Boston, jokingly. I told him I was looking at Indy. Then, one Sunday morning, a planter named Dan came up to me after talking with Joe and asked me about the Indy church plant I wanted to do. Turns out, he was praying about planting a church and seeking out people to form a launch team. After a conversation over a delicious lunch, we decided to meet together regularly to pray and discuss over this vision. 
And here we are.
We are a church planting team of broken people who have a desire to love God and glorify his name by loving and serving others.
We will be moving to Indianapolis in 2014 to begin immersing ourselves in the culture. Which, by the way, will be difficult for this small town boy to adjust to.
We will be starting up bible studies in our individual homes and apartments and then gathering together as a larger gathering to worship The Lord.
We will be partnering with community centers and reach out to the urban youth.
We will be reaching out to college students.
We will be reaching out to young professionals. 
We will be reaching out to families.
We will be reaching out to the elderly.
We want to plant more churches.
We want to flood Indy with the love of Jesus.
The dreams and ambitions we have for Indy are vast because we believe God has a huge and mighty work he wants to do.
Pray for us. I’m scared and prone to worry, anxiety, and fear. There are a million things that can go wrong and they will. But God is sovereign and his mission is worth dying for.
Pray for us. And partner with us as God leads.
Grace and Peace,


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It’s been a while…

Sam is slowly conjuring up a new blog for you all. 

‘Til then, here is a photo of us of when we first started dating. Image

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Short & Sweet.


As most of you know, Sam and I are about to start a new life together as church planters in Indianapolis. This means that we will get married and head out there in 2014. Crazy, I know.

This site is going to be used to show you what is going on in our lives, our marriage, the church plant, and so much more.

Thank you so much for being apart of our lives.


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